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Glass processing

Cutting is a fundamental step in glass fabrication. It involves cutting the raw glass sheets into the desired sizes and shapes using methods like score and snap, water jet cutting, laser cutting, or diamond blade sawing.

In Stars Glass & Aluminium CO. use CNC machine cutting glass of all kinds: flat, clear, ultra, clear/low iron/ tinted
Normal Thickness of glass are 4mm,6mm,8mm,10mm,12mm,15mm,19mm, 21mm Max 3210*2250mm or 2850*5000mm Min 100*100mm
Stars Glass & Aluminium capacity: 1500 Square meter per day


Glass can be shaped into various forms through processes such as:

a. Bending: Glass can be heated and bent to create curved or molded shapes. This is often used in the production of curved glass for architectural applications.

b. Drilling: Glass drilling is used to create holes for hardware installation or decorative purposes. Diamond-tipped drills or water jet cutting can be used for precision drilling.

c. Edging and Beveling: The edges of glass can be shaped, polished, or beveled for aesthetic and safety reasons. Edging removes sharp edges, while beveling creates an angled edge for decorative purposes.

Normal Thickness: 4mm,5mm,6mm, 8mm,10mm.
Size: Beveling Glass Max 2000*3660mm or 2250*3210mm Min 100*100mm

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