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Looking for Glass Partitions?

We are the leading providers of glass partitioning services for offices, schools, homes, and buildings. With a large pile of various glasses in quality and thicknesses, we help clients to meet their specific requirements in minimal lead time. We have got framed and frameless glass partitioning services with solid, glazed, and part glazed glasses. We cater to customers with full-length and custom-length glass partitions to set up premises in the best ambiance.

We are pioneers in the provision and setup of all sorts of offices and glass partition system, from floor to ceiling separate & double glazed glass walls in Sharjah, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and all over the UAE to all rigid and half covered partitions. When compared to conventional wall surface or grates, glass partition walls have a number of additional structural advantages. Our Glass partitioning walls are mobile, easy to maintain, and provides good soundproofing for maximum privacy. They may be customized in terms of size and design.

Stars Aluminium & Glass CO. provides a selection of coatings with various levels of privacy and thickness. Partitioning walls made of etched glass, or patterned glass allow for lots of light transmission while maintaining just enough privacy to boost productivity. In addition to etched or carved glass, Our design also provides sandblast process, enabling you to add personalized logos and graphics to your glass partition.

Frameless glass partitions are a brilliant addition to any office. Whether you need to divide your space into separated offices, meeting rooms or both, installing glass partitions will provide you all of these options quickly and conveniently.

Create a simple glass balcony in Sharjah, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and all over the UAE using our basic layouts and your requirements, or a whole floor level or building’s worth of glass walls! Try out our many layouts to come up with a classy and affordable design. New varieties of glass walls, including glass doors, can be mixed and matched, and the precise door placements can be validated later.

You may design a fashionable, contemporary, and practical glass balcony in Sharjah, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and all over the UAE using items from our wide selection. No matters whether a customer is looking for a high-end standard or a low cost solution, our products are specifically made to meet all financial needs.