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Aluminium Fabrication

Our Fabrication Shop have latest profile cutting machine with swivel head and can handle heavy profile cutting. Copy milling and drilling machines are used for milling and drilling operations.

Fabrication is backup with state of art CNC wood router, Engraving machines and having capacity to do all types of engraving and cutting works on sheets and extrusion profile. All CNC Machines are connected with CAD/CAM room. Our CAD/CAM engineers and programmer are very professional and generate programs and design require jigs and fixtures.

Fabrication is fully backup with our foundry and non-ferrous die casting and sand casting is produce as project requirement.

Machine shop is providing full support for precision machining/die making, sheet metal bending, and profile bending.

Fit up and Welding

Final assembly fit up is carried out as per engineering fabrication drawing by our skill workers and release for final welding.

Fabrication welding facility is well equipped with latest technology welding machines. Structural welding is carried out by MIG welding for structure aluminum and profiles and all machines are calibrated and equipped with inverter technology. Welders are qualified and well trained with third part welder certification. TIG welding is being used for precision welding and all welder are qualified.

Stars Aluminium have a clear understanding of the processes that ensure effective quality management, and we recognize that they are only valid if we put into place and maintain appropriate resources, components and a disciplined approach.

Our QA/QC experienced and professional teams, leading our projects, ensure that we deliver best and quality product that exceeds our customer expectations. We strive to make every project as exceptional in its appearance, finish and functionality.

Stars Aluminium & Glass CO. we have a proven track record of consistently delivering complex projects on time, and to budget. Our project teams have the knowledge, skills, capability and capacity to realize client’s expectations and this is demonstrated by the Alba Tower portfolio of completed projects across the UAE and Middle East.

We believe in working collaboratively with our clients and consultants to ensure delivery in line with agreed contract. Teamworking and a collaborative approach are always key to successful project in time delivery.

The health of our workforce is a concern we take very seriously. Stars Aluminium & Glass CO.  adheres to the strict safety protocols put forward by local and global regulations. Reducing risk begins at the project planning phase hence we build safety controls in every stage of the project.

We consistently train our entire staff and workers to take all necessary precautionary measures during all stages of the project life cycles.

To effectively manage health and safety we encourage our site teams to actively report and act upon any unsafe acts and conditions. Clearly identifying these trends allows management intervention before that become an incident.

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