Guardian Glass

Guardian Glass

Guardian® ClimaGuard® is a range of products that helps provide comfort to a building occupants all year round while allowing a high amount of natural light in. Guardian ClimaGuard coatings can be applied on surface #2 of an Insulated Glass Unit or on surface #3, alone or in combination with a Guardian SunGuard® Solar or High Durable product.

Available in 4 different colours, Bold, vivid colours, Colour consistency, Clear substrate ensures dependability of supply, Clear, neutral appearance as viewed from inside, Can be used monolithically (#2 surface), Can be tempered, bent or laminated

4MM,5MM,6MM,8MM,10MM,12MM,15MM AND 19MM etc

Any size based on available and factory terms.

Clima Guard, Guardian Sun, Ultra Clear, Clear, Clairty, Deco Cristal, Ultra Mirror

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